About Us

Harper Industries, Inc. is a diverse, values-based manufacturing company building quality products in the fields of agriculture, hydraulics, landscaping and sports turf management.

We build durable, brand name products such as DewEze flatbeds, DewEze hydraulics, Butler Beds and Harper Turf Equipment products.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to be the premium, trusted, and preferred provider of products for all the customers and markets we serve. We seek to create a positive place to work and to improve our communities, both local and global.

Our Values

Harper Industries employees
  • People

    People are our greatest strength and our number one asset.

  • Spirit

    We will put spiritual development and service before worldly gain.

  • Dignity

    We will promote the intrinsic value and dignity of each other.

  • Family

    We will put the wellbeing of our families first.

  • Drive

    We will strive for excellence in all we do.

  • Integrity

    We will demonstrate integrity in all our relationships.

  • Protection

    We will do everything to promote safety in our workplace and in the operation of the equipment we produce.

  • Joy

    We will enjoy our work and each other.

  • Prudence

    We will maintain financial integrity and stability.

Driven to make great products

Harper Leadership

Tim Penner | Harper Industries

Tim Penner


Harper employee since 1991

Dennis Roberts | Harper Industries

Dennis Roberts

Vice President, National OEM Sales Manager

Harper employee since 1993

Luke Thornton | Harper Industries

Luke Thornton

Vice President of Operations

Harper employee since 2003

Kim Kauffman | Harper Industries

Kim Kauffman

Purchasing Manager

Harper employee since 2001

Corbin Hostetler | Harper Industries

Corbin Hostetler

Vice President, Production Manager

Harper employee since 2010

Ryan Haar | Harper Industries

Ryan Haar

Service Manager

Harper employee since 2018

Joe Biggerstaff | Harper Industries

Joe Biggerstaff

Vice President of Engineering

Harper employee since 2018

Jennifer Rose | Harper Industries

Jennifer Rose

Vice President, Information Technology

Harper employee since 2008

Tavish Hall | Harper Industries

Tavish Hall, CPA

Vice President, Controller

Harper employee since 2012

Melissa Bergkamp | Harper Industries

Melissa Bergkamp

Vice President of Sales

Harper employee since 2014

Angie Higgs | Harper Industries

Angie Higgs

Human Resources Manager

Harper employee since 2008

Sabrina Dolley | Harper Industries

Sabrina Dolley

Administration Manager

Harper employee since 2019